Issue Details#624 Track when an entity is the player in some actions so `e:` can be used

  • Priority: Someday
  • Number: 624
  • Type: Bug
  • Status: Accepted
  • Age: 2081 Days


When something like a creeper explodes, the player is tracked as "creeper", however, using /prism lookup e:creeper does not find any results. Maybe when we insert entity names into the database, we could add some sort of prefix to the name, such as $, so $creeper would be tracked as the user. Then, when searching with e: we can use WHERE username LIKE "$%" (and the same for p: with a NOT).

However, we don't want to have an import script for something as small as this to give all entities a $, so maybe we can just track the $ for future entities, but have all entities and players showing up under p:... which will kind of ruin the purpose of this thing in the first place, except for future thingd under e:.


nasonfish Gravatar

nasonfish May 12, 2013 1:54 PM

Issue reported.

nasonfish Gravatar

nasonfish June 22, 2013 7:05 PM

p: and e: could also be merged, if we need to - it may just end up being easier that way.

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