Issue Details#932 Forge multipart support.

  • Priority: Someday
  • Number: 932
  • Type: Feature
  • Status: Accepted
  • Age: 1604 Days


I dont know how easy it would be to implement that, but it will be awesome


meegoo Gravatar

meegoo September 1, 2014 12:20 PM

Issue reported.

meegoo Gravatar

meegoo September 1, 2014 12:26 PM

FMP fires events when you placeremove them. Prism just doesnt log extra info about them. If you pickup some multiparts and then try to rollback it, you just get "Unnamed" without texture

meegoo Gravatar

meegoo September 2, 2014 10:47 AM

Okay, in config you can turn multiparts on.

  enabled: true
  block-id: 166

But it wot work for me.

PS. 166 is id of FMP Tile Entity

botsko Gravatar

botsko September 17, 2014 3:34 PM

  • Status → Accepted
  • Priority → Someday

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