Issue Details#974 Prism log error

  • Priority: Normal
  • Number: 974
  • Type: Bug
  • Status: New
  • Age: 108 Days


I have the latest version of prism and the latest version of spigot and when ever prism trys to log something I get this error When water is placed it spams the console so fast that it lags the server and makes the console unresponsive (The command line isn't visable. I can't run my server with prism until either I find a way to fix this or it gets fixed. Thanks.


cc123lol July 13, 2020 2:33 AM

Issue reported.

dart2112 September 17, 2020 2:34 AM

I'm having the same error, I believe it can be fixed by recompiling with the newest 1.8.8 spigot API.

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