Snowy Evening Help

BitBucket Integration

BitBucket can communicate with Snowy when you push a commit to a public or private repository. Snowy will display the commit message/branch and a link to the commit in the issue(s) mentioned.

  • In Snowy, go to your project management screen
  • Click "API" and find the Bitbucket section

Copy the "post hook url"

  • Sign in to BitBucket
  • Go to the "Admin" page on your bitbucket repo (the gear icon)
  • Click "hooks"
  • Choose "POST" and click "Add hook"
  • Paste the url you copied from Snowy
  • Click "ok"

You should now be setup. When you make a commit, bitbucket will alert Snowy with the necessary information.

Referencing Snowy Issues

You can reference issues in your Snowy project in many different ways. When you refer to a snowy issue in a commit, Snowy will parse it and automatically update that issue with a link to the GitHub commit it came from.

Any of the following ways of tagging issues will work - both in github commits and in snowy itself:

Please note that the word "bug" and "issue" are interchangeable

  • bug 52
  • bug #52
  • bugs 52, 32
  • bugs #52, 32
  • issue 52 (issue or bug text interchangeable)

To mark an issue as resolved:

bug 42:resolved