Announcing Snowy Evening - Bug and Issue Tracking for Clients & Developers

Snowy Evening is now officially open for new users. We have several excellent plans for you to choose from (including free) and if you need us to import your bugs or issues from another service please email us ([email protected]).

It’s been a long journey to get here but we’re so excited to see you all begin using Snowy. We’ve had some excellent advice and feedback from all of our beta testers. I’d especially like to thank Cameron Moll, Ben Bodien, and the rest of the Authentic Jobs crew for doing such a thorough job of beta testing. We’re pleased they found it so useful.

GitHub has been one of my favorite services - I’ve been a loyal customer for three years now. I’m happy to announce that Snowy Evening has GitHub integration built in.

We also support embedded jsFiddle scripts. It’s used in so many bug reports these days that it makes sense to simply embed the test instead of linking to it.

These and so many more features make Snowy the best issue tracking application available.

As a reminder to our beta customers, you’re accounts will remain free of charge in return for your assistance.

Thank you all!



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