Easily Embed GitHub Gists into Issues

Not only does Snowy support Github commit integration, we now allow you paste in a web address for a Gist and we’ll automatically embed it for you!

It’s that easy.


Snowy & jsFiddle Embeds - It Couldn’t be Easier

Everyone has been talking about our amazing filtering, our Github integration, and several other big features. However, we also support easy-as-pie jsFiddle.net integration. If you’ve never tried jsFiddle, it’s an html/css/javascript playground which allows you to write and edit code directly in your browser, see the results, and share your “fiddle” with others.

jsFiddle quickly became popular with web developers because they could easily load in javascript libraries and provide test cases for bugs, new features, or tutorials on their use. When building Snowy, we knew so many people were linking to jsFiddle in their current bug tracking application, we decided Snowy should do it better.

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Sharing Issue Filters as Changelogs and More

When you filter your issue list (from the form, not using a saved filter for now), Snowy was designed to build a web address that you can easily read and share. Just copy the web address and send to collaborator and they can see what you are.

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Better Bug Tracking with Snowy Evening and GitHub

I’ve been an extremely happy user of git and GitHub for over three years now. When I started my freelance career I was using CVS and Subversion before finally settling with git. It wasn’t long before I saw true value in GitHub and became a paying customer. The biggest drawback for me was a lack of integration with the bug tracking applications that I used at the time.

As we built Snowy Evening we knew right away that integrating with GitHub was essential. Today, Snowy is officially listed on the service hooks page for your projects on GitHub.

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Filtering Issue Lists - A Comparison of Sifter and Snowy

Hey there, I’m Mike Botsko, lead developer of Snowy Evening. In the past few years I’ve used Sifter because clients were already signed up. I had a lot of time to get to know it, what I liked and what I didn’t. I was also a beta tester for Sifter and one of my biggest complaints was how difficult it was to save and quickly return to issue list filters. Let’s take a look at how Snowy handles filter.

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