Easily Embed GitHub Gists into Issues

Not only does Snowy support Github commit integration, we now allow you paste in a web address for a Gist and we’ll automatically embed it for you!

It’s that easy.


Snowy & jsFiddle Embeds - It Couldn’t be Easier

Everyone has been talking about our amazing filtering, our Github integration, and several other big features. However, we also support easy-as-pie jsFiddle.net integration. If you’ve never tried jsFiddle, it’s an html/css/javascript playground which allows you to write and edit code directly in your browser, see the results, and share your “fiddle” with others.

jsFiddle quickly became popular with web developers because they could easily load in javascript libraries and provide test cases for bugs, new features, or tutorials on their use. When building Snowy, we knew so many people were linking to jsFiddle in their current bug tracking application, we decided Snowy should do it better.

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Want a Free Starter Account? Submit Your API Examples

One of the coolest features is our remote error-logging API, which allows any application to send error logs to your Snowy account. Snowy records these errors as issues, allowing you to track them to full resolution. We use this feature in almost all of our products and it’s made a world of difference. This feature is available for Starter and higher accounts.

However, the example Snowy Evening API code on GitHub only has our PHP example. We’re giving away a completely free Starter account ($348/year value) to any developer that submits a similar example and/or library in any other programming language.

To enter:

  1. Read our simple error log api documentation.
  2. Fork the repository from Github.
  3. Submit your example code and any needed libraries or instructions on requirements that can’t be provided.
  4. Send us a pull request so we can see the work in progress. Include your Snowy username in your notes and we’ll upgrade your account.
  5. Once upgraded, go ahead and test your code. You’ll see it logging errors to your project.
  6. When the test works comment on the pull request or email us at [email protected] We’ll merge the code.

If we approve and merge your code into our repository, your Start account is free for good. Keep it. We won’t ever convert you to a paid account unless you upgrade.

We’re pretty open but we know we need examples for all of the following languages. We will mark every language below when we have submissions so you don’t duplicate anything.

  • Ruby
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • Javascript (NodeJS compatible)
  • Python
  • C
  • Perl

Good luck!

Sharing Issue Filters as Changelogs and More

When you filter your issue list (from the form, not using a saved filter for now), Snowy was designed to build a web address that you can easily read and share. Just copy the web address and send to collaborator and they can see what you are.

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How Was Snowy Evening Named?

@iamkeir asks: Where does the name come from? It’s brilliant

Thanks for the compliment! I agree.

You all know the feeling of a never-ending bug or task list. For every one item fixed, two more are added. This feeling frequently reminded me of the “miles to go before I sleep” ending of the Robert Frost poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. It was one of the few poems I was asked to memorize as a kid (thanks mom!) and while I don’t remember every line, I’ve always remembered the visuals.

Luckily I’ve always had great luck in naming our products, so our designer agreed Snowy was a great fit.

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Building Snowy: Tools and Libraries We Use

This is our first post in the Building Snowy series, which will explore the decisions, mistakes, lessons involved with building the product. In this post we’ll describe a bit about the technology behind it.

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How GitHub Influenced Our Choices on Snowy

We think it’s brilliant that GitHub offers unlimited free public repositories. Why? The point of making a project public is to share it. By sharing, the developer is doing GitHub’s marketing.

The developer notifies his/her friends, clients, and users that their code is available on GitHub. Those people are suddenly potential customers that are being brought to the door without any advertising money spent.

We were originally going to limit the number of both public and private projects that a user could have, but it was clear that what GitHub had done was clearly working. Snowy offers unlimited public projects with a free account because we want to encourage developers to host their issue tracking with us and share it with their community.

Thanks GitHub!

Better Bug Tracking with Snowy Evening and GitHub

I’ve been an extremely happy user of git and GitHub for over three years now. When I started my freelance career I was using CVS and Subversion before finally settling with git. It wasn’t long before I saw true value in GitHub and became a paying customer. The biggest drawback for me was a lack of integration with the bug tracking applications that I used at the time.

As we built Snowy Evening we knew right away that integrating with GitHub was essential. Today, Snowy is officially listed on the service hooks page for your projects on GitHub.

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Filtering Issue Lists - A Comparison of Sifter and Snowy

Hey there, I’m Mike Botsko, lead developer of Snowy Evening. In the past few years I’ve used Sifter because clients were already signed up. I had a lot of time to get to know it, what I liked and what I didn’t. I was also a beta tester for Sifter and one of my biggest complaints was how difficult it was to save and quickly return to issue list filters. Let’s take a look at how Snowy handles filter.

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Announcing Snowy Evening - Bug and Issue Tracking for Clients & Developers

Snowy Evening is now officially open for new users. We have several excellent plans for you to choose from (including free) and if you need us to import your bugs or issues from another service please email us ([email protected]).

It’s been a long journey to get here but we’re so excited to see you all begin using Snowy. We’ve had some excellent advice and feedback from all of our beta testers. I’d especially like to thank Cameron Moll, Ben Bodien, and the rest of the Authentic Jobs crew for doing such a thorough job of beta testing. We’re pleased they found it so useful.

GitHub has been one of my favorite services - I’ve been a loyal customer for three years now. I’m happy to announce that Snowy Evening has GitHub integration built in.

We also support embedded jsFiddle scripts. It’s used in so many bug reports these days that it makes sense to simply embed the test instead of linking to it.

These and so many more features make Snowy the best issue tracking application available.

As a reminder to our beta customers, you’re accounts will remain free of charge in return for your assistance.

Thank you all!