Snowy & jsFiddle Embeds - It Couldn’t be Easier

Everyone has been talking about our amazing filtering, our Github integration, and several other big features. However, we also support easy-as-pie integration. If you’ve never tried jsFiddle, it’s an html/css/javascript playground which allows you to write and edit code directly in your browser, see the results, and share your “fiddle” with others.

jsFiddle quickly became popular with web developers because they could easily load in javascript libraries and provide test cases for bugs, new features, or tutorials on their use. When building Snowy, we knew so many people were linking to jsFiddle in their current bug tracking application, we decided Snowy should do it better.

By pasting a test case link into an issue description or comments, Snowy automatically turns it into an embed - allowing your team members or users to see the fiddle without leaving the issue.

Snowy keeps the embed closed until you wish to see it. Here is the default view:


Here is the view when a user clicks “View Code”:


The original fiddle link is still accessible in case you need it. This is just another small feature that helps make Snowy so incredible.

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